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Man, I get a lot of emails now.

I don’t want every single email or podcast episode being me just answering the endless barrage of questions, but I will answer once or twice a week based on if I think it applies to you.

Here is the question, but it’s my answer that is important. My answer will follow…

“I dont know how to sell other company products and get a percentage. Plus I dont know how to handle the shipping part from my site because what if I dont charge the same as the company?”

—-This is an extremely easy question to answer.

Questions like these came up for me 100 times a day, when I started.

The constant frustration of having all these questions and having no answers is tiring.

I was dying for an all-in-one, step by step course when I started.

There were a couple that claimed to be, low these 14 or so years ago, I invested in them. I got tired of doing it alone and I bought the courses.

They always left me with more questions than answers…

I frigging hated that.

I also hated trying to build the business alone in another way. I didn’t know anyone that was creating an online business.

I didn’t have anyone to talk too about it or question or just brag to when something went well.

The first person I met that knew about this online thing I started masterminding with and later started a podcast that became the #1 Internet Business podcast in the world. That person is Jason, you know, the guy that co-hosts the show and build all the courses in the Freedom Club with me.

The two most important things you can have when you are starting a freedom business, outside of your own success mindset, is a step by step course and a mastermind group.

My answer to Greg’s question will solve both of these problems, as well as the issue he is actually asking about.

Greg, the solution to your known and unrealized problems are solved here:

^^That will solve your questions about starting a freedom business too…

Jeremy Frandsen
World Leader in Freedom Business Education