660 | Who NOT to work with…

A couple times a week I get emails begging me for direct coaching.

They DON’T say, “Hey Jeremy, you’re a world leader in freedom business education, how much would it be if you were to coach me a couple hours a month while I’m starting my freedom business?”

Nope, what I usually get from people is something else.

“Can you tell me specifically how to start and run my freedom business? I know you’re a nice guy and you should totally help me out cause… (enter entitled reason here)”

These would be people that had never bought anything from me, just freeloaders looking to sucker me.

When I was new, I fell for this a lot.

I wanted to help anyone and everyone and I’d fall for every entitled reason that came my way.

But, I found something out.

Freebie seekers don’t do the work.

Freebie seekers don’t take the advice.

Freebie seekers want to have someone to blame when they don’t do what it takes to succeed.

Freebie seeker is just one part of a Loser Mindset, get rid of it now.

I was fueling their fire of being a loser by not allowing them to take part in the Value Cycle. I talk about that in the Freedom Club, a lot.

Know your value and demand it.

If a freebie seeker gets mad when you demand your value, good. You taught them what it is to value yourself.

Giving people your best stuff for free only hurts them and keeps them in a pattern of a Loser Mindset and, even worse, it wastes your time.

Demand the best, even from your audience.

You know you’re ready to get started, do it now:

Jeremy Frandsen
World Leader in Freedom Business Education