655 | An inside look at a success mindset.

Every couple of days I jump into the Freedom Club exclusive, private mastermind group.

It’s extremely expiring to see what club members are up to.

I love seeing the success mindset growing as members help each other, share breakthroughs, and just spend time with other future freedom business owners.

Here’s a winner doing what it takes to succeed:

“Today I escaped the 9 – 5. I just left the office of a job I was unhappy in for the last time. I’ve recently taken the opportunity to take a job (that I enjoy) that will earn me the same income in 16hrs a week instead of 40 and those extra hours are going straight into my Freedom Business. It’s not THE step, but it’s A step and I’m celebrating! Thank you all for your help getting to this milestone, even if at this point it’s just from a physiological perspective.”


—I love seeing Tim doing what it takes to deserve the success that he’s building. Just seeing the world in a different way can make stuff like this possible.

The thought, how can I magically make more time for myself?

Adding 24 hours a week to his freedom business building efforts is certainly one of those ways.

Inside the Freedom Club we talk all about the many aspects of freedom.

Most people only focus on one aspect: Financial Freedom.

In the first course we talk about many of the aspects of freedom so you can figure out your ideal lifestyle.

One side effect of knowing all the types of freedom is thinking differently, so you don’t fall into all the failure traps that I did.

Tim figured out a way to use the Freedom of Time to make more time for him to build his business that will ultimately lead to all aspects of freedom.

Congrats for starting to break free from the Time Trap!

I commented on Tim’s break though, telling him how I fell directly in the Time Trap for over a year, when I started.

Sadly, I didn’t have an entire course teaching me the Freedom Formula, like the Freedom Club does, but that is another point of investing in the club. To become aware of the traps and skip them altogether!

Tim is on his way.

You can be on your way too, right now by joining the FC at

Jeremy Frandsen
World Leader in Freedom Business Education