654 | The first big question you *must* answer…

A few months ago I opened the Freedom Club. As you have heard the response was exciting!

There was one question I got enough times that I thought I’d answer it here.

“What **type** of business does the Freedom Club teach?”

Fantastic question!

My first answer is, “The best type!” That’s no joke but more on that in a minute.

By **type** what people mean is what is the business model.

Is it a physical products business I’ll be selling on Amazon?

Is it a coaching business?

Will I have a blog?

Will I have to do a podcast?

Do I need to do a bunch of videos for Youtube?

Will I have to get over my fear of speaking and get on stage and sell?

Let me start at the beginning, the business I teach is a Relationship Business.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that it’s about getting clear on the lifestyle you want, the audience you want to create for, and the Value Cycle relationship between you and that audience.

Everything you do will be about your lifestyle and that relationship with your audience.

The better the relationship with your audience, but better your lifestyle will be.

I don’t teach how to sell physical products on Amazon. I actually did some tests on that a while ago and it was a nightmare.

You create a simple blog in the Freedom Club, but that happens by clicking a button. No hard coding or learning computer languages or anything. Which I still don’t know how to do after all these years.

The Freedom Club will not go into podcasting or making videos, I consider those advanced tactics and your audience may not even have time for them.

The Freedom Club goes into the fundamentals of creating the perfect relationship with your audience and letting **them** tell you what they want to buy.

You don’t even have to figure that out, they will tell you!

That’s just one reason why it really is the best type of business, in my not so humble opinion, and I’ve tried out a handful of other types…

Learn about the Value Cycle and how to find the audience that will help you create your freedom lifestyle here:

Jeremy Frandsen
World Leader in Freedom Business Education