653 | Reality is a bitter pill for some…

Boy, I’ll tell you what…

Anytime I talk about what it takes to succeed, the whiny snowflakes come out to do their thing.

Here is an email I got yesterday that I’m going to use to help you with your mindset. As condescending and ‘fixed’ mindset as it is, I’m going to take a crack at it.

My comments will follow her SJW rant.

“You come across as very judgmental. I’m
not sure if you’re open to feedback, but
I recommend that you read Carol Dweck’s
book Mindset for some tips on how to use
language that is less based on praise and
intimidation. That is, unless your intention
is to communicate that only “smart, non-lazy”
people will buy your product. I wish you the
best with your business. I hope you read that
book, and you put more of your best self out
into the world. There are many people you can
help. I’m sure you have something wonderful to
offer. Keep putting in effort and trying new


–I don’t just come across as judgmental, I am.

We all are.

You are.

You just judged me to be judgmental.

It was totally obvious, but you were right. We are both judgmental.


Carol Dweck’s book is awesome. It is so good that when I read it years ago I added it to the top of my reading list, which you can find here:

I write my posts to the growth mindset people.

I write my posts to turn OFF the fixed mindset people. I can’t change the fixed mindset of another person, even if I wanted to. Instead I have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email, just for them, and I suggest they stop reading my posts rather than get their panties in a bunch. I want them to leave, because I don’t want them to come into the Freedom Club Mastermind Group and ruin the budding success mindsets that are growing there.

To your next point, yes, I am only intending to communicate to those with growth mindsets that are open to accepting and growing a success mindset.

These posts are to help smart people get over their fears and past programming to enable them to get the freedom business these very much desire.


You are right, there are many more I can help.

As I’ve said, I want to take the 10,000 people I’ve already helped to start freedom businesses over the last 13 years and make it 100,000. I can’t do that with a bunch of snowflake, whiny, loser mindset type people gumming up the works.

I don’t have a magic wand I can use to change their mindset, only they can change it (maybe), I have to weed them out to let those with the guts and curiosity and grit needed to become successful.

Those that are easily offended are usually fixed mindset people, so that makes it much easier to piss them off to weed them out so they will unsubscribe or stop reading my posts.

Success isn’t for the faint of heart. Not one of the people I know that are objectively successful with their freedom business need to clutch their pearls and faint back onto a Victorian couch at what I or anyone else says.

They have grit, determination, and a massive growth mindset.

My suggestion, Janna (and you reading this now), is to read Mindset if you feel any tingly feelies telling you to be offended at this post. Get rid of that fixed mindset, it’s not doing you any good.

If you’re ready to rock and rock and design your success mindset and successful freedom business, join now:

Jeremy Frandsen
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