652 | Is this your excuse?

Not long ago I asked what was in the way of you joining the Freedom Club and here is just one of the answers I received.

This one is a general excuse about time.

Here are a couple replies, then I’ll comment after each one.

“Too much to do! Every time I do one thing I, I need to do 5 other things to figure out how to do the first thing right…”


–Look, saying you’re too business isn’t a time problem, it’s a priority problem. What you’re really saying is that you’ve not made making a freedom business a priority yet.

When I got started I had a mortgage, 12 hour days at work including drive time, a wife and 2 young kids, and two dogs.

I understand the excuse, but during that time I also watched a lot of movies and TV shows and even somehow had time to play some video games.

I had no time, until I made escaping the rat race the highest priority I could.

With that in mind, the Freedom Club is designed to get through with just 30 minutes a day. If that’s too much for you in the start, just do 15 minutes a day.

Change your priorities to change your life.

“Hah, honestly it seems like it’s just laziness! I keep coming up with excuses for why I’m “too busy” to do anything etc. etc., when in reality I’M NOT THAT BUSY!! Got any advice for not being lazy/making excuses??


–I really like that the second person was at least honest about it!

My answer to you is simply to start.

1- Sign up for the Freedom club, it only takes a couple minutes.
2- Go inside and open the first course, the Freedom Formula.
3- The first thing to do is listen to an audio. Put a timer on and do 5 minutes, that’s it.
4- Then you can go back to being lazy.

Put an alarm on your phone and set it for the same time tomorrow. When the alarm goes off, do 5 more minutes.

It’ll be easy to do it this way as the Freedom Club is step by step. You don’t have to waste time trying to figure out what comes next, just go to the next item.

Laziness is overcome by taking small, easy steps. Stop looking at the big picture, which just overwhelms most people. Just see what the step is in front of you and take JUST that step.

In a few days you’ll be so excited about the journey you have started you won’t be able to stop even if you wanted to.

You’ve got this, just take step #1 right now here:

Jeremy Frandsen
World Leader in Freedom Business Education

P.S. Here’s a reply I got that I really love to see:

“Hey Jeremy!

I signed up, thanks for the kick in the pants.


–I got quite a few of these, too. Smart dude, welcome to the club! Go right into the Freedom Club Facebook Mastermind group, we’re waiting for you!

You can go right in too, just sign up here:

Jeremy Frandsen
World Leader in Freedom Business Education