650 | Success is not in the cards for these two

I’ve gotten a couple emails from audience members I want to share with you.

They are a warning for how NOT to do it if you want success.

I’ll comment after each of their emails:

“I would like to be take off the email list.”

~Michael S.


Just so you know my first goal with my daily emails and this daily podcast it to get the losers, freeloaders, and whiners to unsubscribe. As you know, I say get to the NO first. You want to scrub your list of these people.

This guy clearly grabbed the opt-in bonus I gave and has no plans on joining the Freedom Club. He also isn’t smart enough to click the UNSUBSCRIBE link at the bottom of every email. This is a freeloading loser.

I get these emails from time to time and I am more than happy to dump a freeloader and I celebrate when they leave. They are taking up space that I’d rather a winner take.

BTW, the second goal of these emails and daily podcast is to help the winners join the Freedom Club. I only want winners since we have private, members-only, mastermind group. This group is filled with strong, success minded people and I want to keep it that way.

Bub-bye Michael, go waste someone else’s time.

You might think the next email is something I should be proud of or be happy to get, but wait for my comment after…

“I have been listening to you since the start! 13 years ago I started listening to your podcast and it’s still the best one out there. I’ve been through the 3 Minute Money Test several times and I even saw you speak at the New Media Expo a couple years ago. I’m still trying to decide what business I want to do, but I’m close! I just wanted to write in say thank you for all you do.”

~Samuel K.

–I used to be excited to see something like this.

I’d think, “wow, someone really likes my stuff!”

Now I don’t.

This is a freeloader, just like the other, but this person admits to taking, taking, taking for 13 years! I checked to see if this guy had ever bought anything from me, even a 7 dollar ebook.


Freeloader and loser, for a lot of years.

I unsubscribed them both, they can go sponge off someone else.

This is why learning about the Value Cycle is so important. It’s why I go over it extensively in the Freedom Club. It’s the backbone of being in business and being a winner.

These two will not make it.

I’d be willing to bet money on it. *Not unless they get rid of their “free”loader mindset and start taking real action.

Stop waiting for more free stuff.

Take action now and learn about the Value Cycle inside the Freedom Club. It also has the complete zero to freedom business plan here:

Jeremy Frandsen
World Leader in Freedom Business Education