649 | The pursuit of freedom starts with these…

This morning, when I was writing my daily email, my oldest daughter was up early practicing the cello.

I normally like dead silence when I’m writing, but the feeling of being a proud father overtook the desire for early morning quiet.


Cause she’s taking the daily, small steps it takes to be good at something she loves.

She chooses to get up early all on her own.

Normally she takes the small step of practicing much later in the day, but she is totally busy all day and the only time she could stick to her plan was to get up as early as I do.

She did it and that was why I could hear her practicing as I was writing.

Taking these *small steps* everyday is why she is so good at the cello and is only getting better.

**She gets extra point for practicing the main theme song for the epic show, the Game of Thrones!

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Jeremy Frandsen
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