647 | You need to go on a diet

Back in 2009, I went on a diet. This was not your typical food diet.

I had become over stimulated by news and information.

I had the news on in the background when I got up in the morning. I’d catch up on it in the afternoon. I’d listen to it in the car in the form of talk radio. I’d balance that at night with comedy news like the Daily Show. I had friends that worked on political campaigns and we’d discuss the issues at coffee houses.

I felt informed like a “good little citizen”.

That was about the time I was all sorts of scattered with my businesses. I had 5 of them still.

Yesterday I talked about my mastermind buddy, “Mike”, that told me the secret to him making one million dollars a month. Focus.

Remember, I said that was when I decided to focus solely on Internet Business Mastery, which I did.

The other thing that happened is I went on a news diet.

I stopped watching and listening to ANY news, local or otherwise.

I added internet business and internet marketing and I called it an information diet.

I stopped listening to all the business and marketing podcasts.

I unsubscribed to all the email lists and blogs I was constantly scanning.

I was choking on information and using none of it.

Then, I picked one thing I was working on currently in my business and focused all my info gathering on that ONE THING.

As I mentioned yesterday, my business doubled for 4 years in a row because of the focus and I think equally because of the info diet.

I thought gathering all that info was useful and I was getting smarter and smarter. All these years later and I realize that about 95% of what I gathered I never used (like all that info I gathered on marketing on Friendster. Ya, what’s Friendster, exactly…) It was a useless treadmill of fake action.

I had gathered all this info that became just an excuse not to take *real* action.

My political friends were flabbergasted! How can you operate life without knowing what is going on in the news?!

Well guess what?

I still heard all about it from others. The difference is that I don’t get swept up in the 24 hour threat of death and doom and mostly lies that is the news.

It was nice to not be a part of the fear mongering the news mucks up. I heard second hand and with no pending doom threat, all about the bird flu, the swine flu, chipmunk flu, and all the other flus that were going to wipe out the world and never did.

I heard about the rise of a supposed fascist that was supposed to ruin us all and I’ve watched my bitcoin and IRA account grow, finally.

There are 1,000 things I still heard about that has affected me, but more importantly, there have been 10,000 things I missed that DIDN’T effect me and I’m grateful to not have had to fear about them.

None of that has gotten in the way of my mission. I’m here to help those ready to take the small steps towards going for their dream of starting a freedom business.

While all that doom and gloom is being reported I get emails from people changing their lives and the lives of others from all over the world.

My information diet has become a lifestyle and I have no plans of going back.

I keep my focus and my resolve, wanna join me?

Jeremy Frandsen
World Leader in Freedom Business Education

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