643 | The transformational power of a black hole

Yesterday, I read this and wanted to share it with you:

“I’ve always been fascinated by black holes. The idea of some massive force so intense that absolutely everything is pulled into it is awe-inspiring. Nothing escapes a black hole.

In fact, black holes are called ‘black’ exactly because nothing escapes them—not even light. The world’s top physicists used to believe that anything that entered a black hole was obliterated. But this is no longer a popular viewpoint. Current research shows that, instead of destroying objects, black holes transform them.

Imagine if your purpose in life was as powerful as a black hole.

With a force this strong, absolutely everything in your life would be pulled towards it. Nothing would escape. Every thought, every action—your entire identity—would be sucked into it. And, as a result, who you are, what you have, and how you live would be completely transformed.

Determining your ultimate purpose in life is the toughest decision you will ever make, which is why so few people actively decide on one.

Instead, most people let life make this critical decision for them. These people fritter their lives away in an endless stream of tiny, meaningless decisions that elicit no great change and leave no real impact. They spend all their time and resources putting out day-to-day fires and focusing on short-term objectives.

~ Isaiah Hankel, Ph.D. from Black Hole Focus

When I first started working on my “life’s purpose” I thought the concept was a little out there…

A little “woo woo” if you know what I mean?

Then I went through the process and my entire life changed.

A similar thing happened to Jason. The change was so big we studied the process of finding your purpose for years.

After years and years of study and years and years of teaching what we learned to our $6000 per student coaching class, we finally made a program for you.

It’s called the Single Motivating Purpose and it’s in the Freedom Business Blueprint program, of course, it’s ready and waiting for you in the Freedom Club here:

Jeremy Frandsen
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