641 | There’s a new sheriff in town…

Yesterday the site when down for about an hour. This is part of doing business online and happens a couple times a year for various reasons.

I quickly got this email from someone who hadn’t joined the Freedom Club, he’s just getting my daily emails.

Here’s what he said, word for word, and my reply and comments are to follow.

“None of the links you sent me is working and if that is going to
be the case then I will need to emailing to stop because the only
thing it is doing is filling up my inbox.”

Here is my reply:

-Thanks for letting us know the site is down. We get attacked by hackers about once or twice a year, so goes being in business online. We got it back up already.

For being a jerk about it, I’m going to unsubscribe you. I don’t allow jerks in the Freedom Club.

The Sheriff is in…

That ends my reply to the jerk.

–Sh*t happens. All sites go down for various reasons. This kinda thing happens for an hour or two a few times a year. A quick call to the hosting company, a quick reset, and all goes fine. It’s no big deal, and it’s just part of doing business.

My job is to make sure you have the best education for starting a freedom business AND keeping only winners in the private, Facebook mastermind group that comes as part of your Club membership.

I take both jobs very serious, no joke.

The Freedom Club mastermind group is thriving and I only want smart, excited, action takers joining so the group will get even bigger and better.

This guy would not have been good for mastermind group, so he gets the boot. I’ll let him be someone else problem.

If you’re a jerk or crybaby that can’t handle reality and challenges, please stop listening now.

If you’re ready to make your dream of starting your own freedom business a reality, join the Club now:

Jeremy Frandsen
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