627 | You’ll never work in this town again!

That was the last thing my last boss ever said to me just over 13 years ago.

I don’t know if he meant to be cliche, it was Hollywood, but he sure was.

I was excited to go on the adventure of learning how to start a business and the moment did feel a bit like a movie, but I couldn’t believe he said it.

“You’ll never work in this town again!”

I had just quit so I could go start a business. I felt like I couldn’t go any further unless I went on this quest.

You didn’t quit the job you worked that hard to get. I was one of the youngest guys to get THAT job at Warner Brothers movie studio and I can’t imagine anyone ever quit that highly coveted job before.

I did.

I had to.

My boss was astonished when I said I quit.

He just stood there staring at me.

His brow furrowed and he slowly started shaking his head as if to say, you can’t do this.

Then he blurted it out.

“You’ll never work in this town again!”

Thus ending the ‘working for the man’ era of my life.

He was right, though, I have never worked in Hollywood since.

What I have done is dedicate my life to helping others and I was able to make a 7 figure business doing it.

Instead of being a Hollywood faceless minion, I helped 1000’s of people with my first online business and over 10,000 people with Internet Business Mastery, including the brand new Freedom Club.

I have one more business I’m starting, not in the start an internet business space, but I’m still going to follow the step by step plan laid out in the Freedom Club (with some new additions I’m going to talk about in the private, ‘for members only’ Facebook Mastermind group.

Join me on the adventure you’ve been dying to take. Start now:

Jeremy Frandsen
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