626 | Don’t buy into their crap…

I’ve been seeing an annoying trend recently.

To be different and “edgy”, I see a lot of people saying that finding your purpose and building a business around it is NOT the way to do it.

They say that you should simply find a good market and that is really the only thing to think about.

I see a LOT of people saying this now like it’s the new “cool” thing to say.

I think that’s stupid.

Let’s see what a world famous psychologist that created the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has to say about the subject after spending his entire career on the study:

“The most beautiful fate, the most wonderful good fortune that can happen to any human being, is to be paid for doing that which he passionately loves to do.”
~Abraham Maslow

I think I’ll stick to a world-renowned expert rather than an edgy newcomers trying to get attention by being contrarian.

My 13+ years of experience proves out Maslow’s quote as well.

What I think happens, other than just trying to get attention is that these edgy newcomers can’t figure out how to find their purpose so they can’t be passionate about.

So, to cover up their failings, they change the rules.

Don’t buy into, it’s crap.

I studied as much as I could find on the subject, tested it, worked with over 100 coaching students on the subject, and I finally made the Freedom Business Blueprint.

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Jeremy Frandsen
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