624 | Do you have a fake life?

About 15 years ago, while sitting in my cubicle office, I realized something horrifying.

I realized I had fallen into a trap.

I was bored and unhappy with most of the day. This was not supposed to be my life.

I’d drive 45 minutes to a job that was only 13 miles away from my house.

I’d sit in my cubicle office on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, California, bored. The day was going to be long and just like the last.

After about 10 or more hours I’d drive home, it’d take about an hour to get through those 13 miles to get home. L.A. traffic, ya know…

I might make it home in time to kiss my young daughters good-night, if traffic wasn’t too bad, or they’d be asleep and I didn’t even get to see them that day.

Then on to the next day…

This day would be like all the rest, except my wife and kids would be at Disneyland with my visiting family.

My kids were experiencing something they still remember to this day, the first time they went to Disneyland as kids.

I remember it too, sitting in my office, since I realized I was living someone else’s life. It certainly wasn’t my life.

When I graduated high school, with the entire world as a possibility, I wasn’t hoping that I could spend most of my day, everyday, in a boring job. Missing my kids growing up. Wondering what fun they were up to while I inched towards death being about as fulfilled with life as a rock.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I decided to refuse to live that fake life.

Things are very different today, but I have a question for you.

Is your current life the one you’d choose or did you fall into the FAKE trap?

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Jeremy Frandsen
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