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Time to pull another question from the email bag.

My comments will follow…

“I am curious to know the format of the learning materials. Are they self paced videos, are they guides and checklists similar to the Niche Profit Code? I’m also curious to know who your latest successful students are… I know Pat Flynn continues to have success – are all the other testimonial students still having success?

I’m making a commitment to myself, and to you – I’m going to take the step of revisiting finding a niche, based on the Niche Profit Code material and steps. I need to evaluate the size of a couple of potential niche markets. I have two hobbies that I am very passionate about. Perhaps that is where my success and drive is hiding?

Cheers from Canada…”

Ty N.

–Yes, the courses in the Freedom Club (including the Niche Profit Code) are self-paced and include videos, audio, checklists, maps, and guides.

Go at your own pace and if a niche you pick doesn’t seem to be working, start over.

We have massive success stories in 100’s of markets. Health and fitness, learning languages, drawing, helping women on bed rest, copywriting, social media marketing, teaching artists marketing, consulting, pediatric board test taking, mobile marketing, animation, app creating, etc.

Wanna see more of our success stories? We have a bunch of them here: http://www.FreedomClubVIP.com

I take your commitment seriously Ty and I can’t wait to see what market your pick and see your progress. You can share your commitment and progress with the Freedom Club mastermind group, which comes with your membership.

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Jeremy Frandsen
World Leader in Freedom Business Education