611 | Old people are our future

I recently got an email I wanted to share with you.

My comments will follow.

Here goes…

Valerie writes:

“I like your emails and because you are being bold, I applaud you. I can hardly wait to see what the
Freedom Club is about. I want self-employment as soon as possible.

Keep up the tone of your emails. Just thought you would enjoy some feedback from a 62-year-old lady
who doesn’t want to live on Social Security or eat cat food when she is even OLDER.

By the way, I do think the Internet business crowd pretty much ignores older people — many of us are fairly
tech savvy. I’ve hesitated to purchase things from online marketers who seem to target only one

—-Thanks for the applause, I’ll take it!

As I’ve said before, I love entrepreneurs.

All kinds. Young, old, man, woman, makes no difference to me. If you have a desire to create massive value in the world with a freedom business, you’re my type of person.

I wonder if most of the internet business crowd seems to focus on the young is because they are young themselves?

Most of the main people I see all over the web seem to be kids themselves. Pretty kids just getting started themselves. Cool, more power to them.

I’m 46 and I could care less about my age and the age of others. It’s the entrepreneurial mindset, desire, and ability to take action that I focus on in my message and in the Freedom Club.

If you’re older and about to retire, awesome! You’ll have more time to create your freedom business.

RANT ALERT: I’ve never really understood retirement. A person is at their peak of skill and knowledge and then they check out. Time to go play or sit home and watch dumbass daytime TV until death (as I’ve seen most of my family do.)

Why not create a life you don’t need vacations from?

Why not create a life you’d never need a retirement from?

That’s what my main goal has been since I’ve started my entrepreneurial journey.

That can happen at any age.

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