604 | I think about you in the shower

First thing I jump in the shower. Then I write.

Today, in the shower, I started thinking of the fundamentals of my life right now.

I’m working on my health, so I planned the day based on what I call my core 4.

Emotional States

I have spent years studying these 4 categories and I have very specific rules in each. Everyday I mentally plan my day based on them.

As I finished planning my day based on my core 4 I thought about you and your dream to start a freedom business.

You have a core too and it’s exactly what we focus on in the Freedom Club.

Your Core 3:

Connecting with your Audience

That’s it.

Those are the fundamentals for a beginner in that order.

That is how I designed the Freedom Club, Phase One.

Get the details and start now:

Jeremy Frandsen
World Leader in Freedom Business Education