534 | 4 things you should really fear!

Recently I talked about what seems to be the #1 fear of most people that desire to start a freedom business.

Do you remember what it is?

If you haven’t heard that episode yet, but you’re like most people you just have to look inside for one second for the answer…

Most people fear failure.

What’s the #1 thing they do so they don’t have to feel like a failure?

They don’t go after their dreams and desires!

They believe that they cannot fail if they don’t try. (Of course not even trying leads to failure 100% of the time…)

Getting over that fear is one of the steps to success.

Failure is PART of success, so to fear it is to fear success too.

I read that most big successes you’ve heard about failed a bunch of times before they succeeded so I welcomed failure and ran towards it.

Remember, I said I mistakenly started a bunch of businesses so that many could fail and I could find the one that would worked as soon as possible.

I wanted to fail as many times as needed until I got to success.

It doesn’t have to be that way, I just didn’t have someone showing the exact steps to start a business or how to get my mindset right, but at least I started…

To help you stop focusing on the fear of failure, I’m going to list some things you should be afraid of.

1- Aging.

As you may know, I’m closely watching the anti-aging/transhumanist science and I plan on living to at least 152.

Why did I get into that?

I want as much life as possible and aging is a bitch.

Did you know that as you age you start to lose the hormones that drive your ambition to take action?

Losing your drive is terrifying to me and it should be to you too.

2- Scarcity Mentality

Believing that the things you want in life are scarce is a major cause of unhappiness in a lot of people.

One way to get over that is to create a freedom business where you give your all for an audience you choose.

Learning about the Value Cycle (In the Freedom Club) and taking part in it to help others can really assist you get over the limiting scarcity mentality.

3- Running out of time

This kinda connects to the aging fear you should have, but overall it’s just running out of time to finally go after the things you desire, then living your final days with anger and regret.

Ugh, what a shit life that would be, which leads too:

4- Living a crappy life

I read yesterday that 88% of people are doing jobs they don’t want to do.


Who would ever choose that?

88% of people do!

I am viciously afraid of living a crappy life and I do a lot of things to make sure I don’t.

I know you at least don’t want to live a crappy life anymore or you wouldn’t be listening to this podcast.

Be afraid of CRAPPY!

So, there are 4 things you should be afraid of instead of failure.

Really afraid of…

Fuck the fear of failure, transfer the fear over to the items on this list.

Let these new fears fuel the fire of action in you and start right now by joining the freedom club at

Jeremy Frandsen
World Leader in Freedom Business Education