5 Fears That Will Destroy your Internet Business and How to Banish Each


There is a dirty little secret about me and the internet business mastery blog.  If you’ve been around awhile, you might have noticed it.

After 8 years in the content creation business I was still afraid to write this post. Not just a post about fear, but ANY blog post!

The fears I’m going to talk about have plagued me the entire time as an internet business influencer.

It’s why I write the least amount of blog posts on my own site!

Yes, believe it or not, there are guest posters that have written more than I have on my own blog!

Why, you say?

And I say back with a strangely creepy inflection, FEEEEEEAR.  Fear.

PreviewFor some reason I can babble on and on in the podcast, but if I have to go deeper, like in a blog post, I really freeze up. Suddenly, the dishwasher needs to be emptied. My kids ferrets are in serious need of some mauling (to the ferrets dismay). The podcasting profits membership site needs a tweak. Another grumpy cat facebook picture must be sent to Jason for my amusement. ANYTHING else needs to be done rather than write.

I realized that it’s not just one fear, but a load of fears that are responsible for my freeze up.

I’ve been really annoyed at the control over my life that these fears have taken, so I’ve been really looking at what I can do about them.

Here are some of the fears I’ve had to overcome and what you (and I) can do about them.

FEAR #1: It has to be perfect!

I struggled with this issue HARD for the first 4 years. Each episode of the podcast had to be edited by me and had to be perfect. I’d spend 3-4 hours editing a 45 minute podcast, just so I knew that everything was right. It was a major time suck each week and I didn’t enjoy it at all, but it HAD to be perfect!

When Internet Business Mastery went from hobby to real business, my time was starting to get really tight.  I didn’t have 4 hours each week to edit the show. It took me a long time to give up the editing task and finally hand it over to the same editor we have today.

I was scared we were going to get major complaints.

“What happened to the show, it sound terrible!”, “Wow, who edits that show, it’s not professional at all”, “Were you DRUNK when you edited that show?!”

Guess how many complaints we’ve had in the last 4 years about the new editor?

None. Zip. Nada.

And to top it off, he is only taking about 2 hours to edit them and they sound great. I bet a trained professional editor couldn’t tell the difference between our editor and me.  YEARS of me taking 4 hours to edit every episode… What a waste of time.

By the way, even worse then a time suck is NOT STARTING AT ALL ’cause you think it won’t be perfect. This is the business kiss of death.

Here is my suggestion; become a “recovering perfectionist

I still want to over think every episode, take 3 times as long with every blog post, spend 6 months on every product, and redo the website every 2 weeks.  Here is what I do instead:

Counter Fear with Action

Now, I just get started (and stop!) as soon as possible.

I give myself a time deadline and whatever I have at the end goes out.  My goal now is to create value rather than be perfect.

99% of the time my worst fear, which is usually the feeling of being embarrassed, never happens. The other 1% of the time I get a great take-away from the constructive criticism that might come in because I didn’t make something perfect.

I have no problem letting the audience tell me what doesn’t work.  I’ll fix it.  No problem. In my experience, if your goal is to CREATE VALUE rather than “be perfect”, people will be very forgiving and want to help you out if something “isn’t perfect”.

FEAR #2: Why would anyone care what I have to say?

There are near 7 billion people on this planet and there is a group of those people that want to hear what you have to say, like the way you say it, and are willing to pay for more.

In fact, this group is just waiting for you to help them change their life.

How do I know this?

It’s happened to me and I’ve seen this over and over again.

There were more than plenty of guys talking about internet business and marketing and yet here you are reading my post.

A couple of years ago, there were even MORE than enough guys talking about internet business and marketing and yet Derek Halpern, of socialtriggers.com, came along and shot to the top of the scene. Is he teaching some totally new way of running an internet business? Not really, but he has one major difference, same as me and anyone else that makes it work.

What is it?

Point of view.

Counter Fear with Point Of View

The key is to really tap into your point of view.  What is your take on your market?  How do you see things differently than the other people people currently dominating your market?

Find your point of view (voice) and stay true to it. Be willing to pay the consequences for being true to your voice.

Derek is very open about how people think about him.  He says, “Some people hate me.” I must admit, when I first met him I came very close to punching him in the throat, he has a very strong and different point of view then I do. He is speaking from that very specific point of view and it makes NO difference if I like it or not, he creates major value for those that love his personality.

He also has a very specific way to deal with haters, which you can check out here, and in the end his point of view has brought him LOADS of readers.

In just a couple years Derek has shot past us in the site rankings and I see that as a product of having a very distinct point of view, not being scared to focus on it constantly, and, of course, he focuses on giving great value.

If you are not feeling like you have an interesting, explosive, or useful point of view then I highly recommend this book; The 7 Pilliars of Self Esteem by Nathanial Branden. As of this writing, I think I’ve read/listened to it 7 or so times. Fantastic book.

What if I don’t know my own point of view/voice?

Just start writing, you will find it.

I generally write my first version of a post, then go through it and add… me. I will read it outloud and pretend I’m talking directly to a friend. When I do this I will naturally have things to add.  Sometimes silly, like the “Feeeeeeear” up above or sometimes extremely honest like my reaction to meeting Derek.

FEAR #3: Someone else is already saying it better.

When Jason and I started the Internet Business Mastery podcast there were guys with big followings and big business already teaching internet business. Their success could be proof that they were saying it “better”.

Except, we hadn’t said anything at all!

How could we compare ourselves to them? There was nothing to compare them to, we hadn’t said anything yet!!

We had to get the “they are doing it better” idea out of our head by looking at what they WEREN’T doing.

At the time, they were coming across like Gurus, like masters on the hilltop spreading their knowledge to the poor, ignorant masses. If you happened to hear their podcast, you were really lucky to be graced by their presence.

We were both turned off by this approach.

“What was missing… What was missing…” is what we kept thinking.

We finally figured it out. It actually wasn’t that hard, as all we had to do is ask why their approach was so distasteful to us.

These gurus were condescending and I didn’t trust ’em. It felt like they didn’t care about me at all and they just wanted my money and if I was even remotely smart, I should give it to them.

So, there was the glaring hole in the market; being genuine, passionate about helping, and trustworthy.

Counter fear with trust

We decided that rather than acting like “gurus on the mound” we’d just be ourselves. We loved talking about growing our business and had a deep desire to help others start and grow their own business. We were also VERY passionate about helping people and weren’t afraid to show it!

Rather than acting as if we knew everything and people should worship at our feet, we decided to do everything we could to help, again to create as much value as we could.

We decided to BE trustworthy by not being embarrassed about our passion, our deep desire to help, and even to talk about our fears and mistakes!

We don’t have to worry about being better than the gurus that started before us, we just had to be true to ourselves, be true to our audience, and BE trustworthy.

By the way, none of those gurus still have podcasts today…

FEAR #4: I’m not an expert.

The first thing to know about being an expert is that there is very likely no committee that exists that can give you expert status you feel you need to create value for others. (Okay, maybe if you want to be a doctor, or something like that, there is… but for nearly everything else, there isn’t) If there is, who gave THEM the right to give expert status?

  • If you want to start a site about teaching women how to create a fantastic life even after they have been confined to bedrest because they have a problem with their pregnancy like Darline did with mamasonbedrest.com, who gives you expert status in that field?
  • If you want teach people how to make their own drum kit like Phillip did with makedrums.com, which governing body of music gives away that honor?
  • If you want to start a business hiring virtual assistants from around the world, then get 2 million dollars from investors to make you business huge like Maren Kate did with zirtual.com, who waves their magic wand and makes you an expert in that?

The answer is YOU.

Your desire to learn more about the market is what will make you and expert. (You might even already have the knowledge that will make you an expert.) You are the only one that can decide to go get yourself expert status.

One way to make it easier to give yourself the magic title of expert is to gather knowledge.

Counter fear with knowledge

This is actually far more easy then one would think.

If you don’t know a lot about a subject, learn more.

Was that a shocking insight or what?

Is that to simple? Okay, here are a couple points:

  • Dive in.  Read the top blogs on the subject.  Read the top 3 books on the subject. If you have a competitor who already has a course on your subject, buy it and go through it.
  • Be around people in your market.  Join forums, find a local meetup.com group (or start one), join a facebook group.
  • Keep on learning.  Keep reading the top blogs on your subject. Find out if there is a yearly convention and go to it. Immerse yourself in your subject and focus on the value you can bring to your audience.

It’s said, probably from some “expert”,  that all you have to do is read the top three books on a subject and you are reaching expert status. Really, all you have to do is know more than the people you want to teach to get started. Then, it’s about upgrading your knowledge over time.

If you are passionate about the audience you want to teach, learning more won’t be a problem, it’ll be a passion.

FEAR #5: What if this doesn’t work?

This is a huge issue and has many possible fears I could cover, but I’m going to focus on 1.

The Fear of Uncertainty

When I decided to go into internet business I had a very normal life. I had a wife, 2 beautiful daughters, a mortgage, car payments, and normal family worries.

I had a 6 figures corporate type job and had moved up in the world into an actual office. It had taken my entire adult life to get to this position.

I had never started or owned a successful business. I didn’t know what marketing was, nor had I ever learned about it.

When I decided to start an internet business I was starting at zero and it was scary. My life went from predictable to uncertain in one big decision.

There was one thing I was certain about, though…

Counter fear by never giving up

My battle with uncertainty came with a thought. I also believe this thought is one of the secrets to success.

I’m going to keep going until this works.

Seems simple, but it’s incredibly powerful. I decided I was never going to quit. If I tried and didn’t get success in 5 years, I wasn’t going to pack it in and stop trying. I would keep going UNTIL it worked.

If that meant working a job to pay the bills, I would have done it. I was going to keep going until it worked.

“If someone else can do it, I can too. If no one else had done it, I’ll be the first” ~My Grandma (not sure where she got it…)

That saying merged with a sheer, brute refusal to give up was my fuel.

My grandma told me that when I was really young and since then I have fought for everything I wanted with that mantra in mind and I hope you will too.

The action that has backed up that mantra is to find a group of people I’m passionate about and create value for them. That took quite a while to learn, but I hope you take that to heart this very instant.

Fear Buster

Before I finish up, let me ask you one more thing. Did you catch the underlying, fear busting tactic countering all fears?

If not, it’s okay. I think it’s so important that I’m going to create an entire post about it! So stay tuned for that. In the meantime, I want to hear what you have to say about fear.


What is your fear and how are you dealing with it? If there are other fears I haven’t covered here, then I will do a part 2 of this post and address what you are going through!

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  1. WOW! This is a very good article. I really like it and it inspires me so much. Keep them coming!

  2. I guess my fear is fear of failure (I guess this comes under #5). It’s difficult to keep on pushing through the times when there are no indicators you are making progress.

    That and all the others listed!

    • Yeah, I totally understand that one and have battled it for years. You’re right, it falls under #5 and I use the technique of not giving up to help.

      The other thing to remember is there’s no failure unless you quit. If you try 4 tactics to try to succeed and they don’t work, now you know not to do those 4 any more. You are 4 tactics closer to making it work. Stop doing those 4 and try tactics 5-8. All the while, keep focusing on creating value for those you wish to influence.

      One other thing to try is finding another way to create value for your audience, even the audience you DON’T have yet. If you have been blogging and not getting a lot of traction, try make a couple video tips or start a podcast and give them audio tips. Try writing a post for another blog in your market, and make it epic! Sometimes it’s hard to know where your audience might be looking for you, so it’s best to start testing all the ways you can think to find them, one at a time.

  3. Ugh…#5 totally resonates with me! I have 10 years dreaming of the life I want to live and now I have stepped out and am working towards that dream and my fear is what if that dream is not possible? Yet I see people all around who live aspects of my dream so why not me? I know this fear has held me back and kicked in my perfectionism in the last 6 months because not getting your dream off the ground is not really failing is it? WRONG! That is the biggest failure! So I am stepping out and doing what I was made to do. If I get it right on the first time – great! If not – keep on going. Thanks for this post!

    • Why not you INDEED!

      I guess all 5 of these fears can be used to stop you from even getting started, which would also be failing, somehow I didn’t even think of that. “Not actually starting” is really the first way to fail with “starting then quitting” as a close second, you are right!

  4. Great Post, Very Inspirational, it helped me a lot!

  5. For me the one that most stops me from living my dream is fear # 2.

    Now I share 4 out of the 5 same fears with you. #2, #3, #4, and #5, and have not started because of them but may even toss in #1 when I do start.

    Jeremy Thank You for this post it really does mean a lot to me. You see I have feel I have a passion for 3 things in my life and that is Making People Happy, Helping Others, and Internet Marketing/MMO.

    I cannot get enough of it. I love reading it, and know I could explain it to others very well. BUTTTTT what stops me dead in my tracks is every person that I have looked up to in this niche has said because I don’t ever put it into practice in other niches, I have no right teaching it.

    So here I sit frozen just dreaming about it instead of taking action on my dreams. I will have to say after reading this post (recommended by Dan Kennedy on FB), I have some serious rethinking to do.

    Thank You Again

    • Just keep remembering that those experts telling you that you cannot be an expert in their field are SELF appointed experts. They are only right if you agree with them… If you are staying out of a market you have a passion in and are not doing it cause of others telling you not to, yes, you have some rethinking to do! Good luck!

  6. Wow.. I really love this post. The fact is, I’ve written online for 8 year. I’ve worked in the internet since 1999. I worked with Yahoo when it was a start-up and my employer was a billion dollar start up. Yet I too have had a fear sometime about producing content that is relevant and timely. This message inspires me to create more and realize that Action is what matters.

    Thanks and I will be reading and watching everything you guys do. Side bar, Are you guys going to San Diego for the marketing Expo?

  7. Thanks Jeremy! I was just talking with Jason about this earlier today and then viola you post this about fear. Thanks for the tips.

    • Which was specifically helpful and what other fears might I cover in a “part 2”?

      • I was talking to Jason about a couple fears. One is letting go of good paying job and the income it provides but not feeling like I have the time and energy at the end of a day of work to work on my own stuff.

        So that leaves two options for me: Quit my job and use my savings to live on while I get things going. This creates a fear of burning through my savings and what if I get to the end of my savings before I get enough income from internet business to cover expenses.

        Second option is to hire a VA while still maintaining my job. This way I can easily cover the cost of a VA, but my fear with that is not knowing enough/having enough for them to do so that it becomes a waste of money.

        Those are the specific fears I have right now.

        • Yeah, that is a big one. Did Jason tell you what both he and I did? Picking between those two options will make all the difference in the world, but it’s such a personal decision!

        • Jeremy – what did you and Jason do? I’m interested in hearing more about that. How (financially and otherwise) did you take that leap from the corporate job?

  8. Thanks Jeremy! I love the podcast btw. You guys have filled many 10 hour bus rides through South East Asia with inspiration and knowledge bombs! I guess the fears that really resonated with me were…1 through 5?! I am between travel trips right now, and have been spending my time testing the internet business waters in a few different areas. I am fairly confident that eventually I will figure out how to have some sort of income online, but I constantly wonder if I am just waisting my time with the categories that I have been working on. Will anyone ever even care about what I have to say? They can get similar information from many other sources. Will anyone ever actually pay for what I am offering? There is always doubt. There are always frustrating days. But doubt and frustration can lead you down two different paths: left is quitting, and right is pursuing. So far I’ve been able to stay right because I know that every experience is a learning opportunity, and we learn most about ourselves when pushing through adversity. I know that it will pay off in either money, or knowledge. Hopefully both!

    • Great belief you have there. Even if the first try or two only results in knowledge, that knowledge is still a couple steps closer to the money. That is the cool think about just taking action, there is not wasted knowledge – if you use it after you gain it!

    • “it will pay off in either money, or knowledge”

      I love that! We might have to use that.

      Either way it will pay off. Either with money or knowledge. You can’t lose.

      Dig it!

  9. At first I was afraid to read this! But I’m glad I did and I think the idea I got was just keep going. It’s when I stop to think to much that I get in trouble. When I’m doing something I’m usually too busy doing to be afraid so I think that’s the key for me.

  10. Amazing article guys.

    I think the biggies for me are : #1, #3, and #4.

    I know my stuff works, but there are a lot of blogs somewhat like mine, in an already over-saturated niche (health and wellness). I think my positioning and branding is different enough, and my viewpoint definitely unique, but I guess we’ll see.

    The expert and perfection thing always come back to haunt me though… “Do I really know this stuff well? What if a REAL expert comes and critiques my stuff?”

    • Here is the cool thing about the idea of creating value and the scientific mind. If an “expert” comes along with more data and your goal is to create value with a scientific mind, you will simply tell your people that you have new info that looks more reliable! People don’t seem to have a problem with you being wrong if you admit it. Actually, it seems to endear them to you!

  11. Face the fear with action. Just GOOOOOOOOOOOOO (at least click one button towards the solution, it really does help) I agree.

  12. I agree with Rebecca. Feel the fear and do it anyway, because the fear never really goes away. How you deal with it can improve.

    • Exactly!

    • “Face the fear” is really a powerful idea. I admit I spend a lot of time eliminating discomfort, stress and uncertainty from my life.

      The truth is that fear has a voice. It needs to be heard. If we silence it, it will just get louder or come back with more force later.

      If we listen to it, it can tell us something. And, like any other voice, once it’s heard it might just stop talking.

  13. You know why Jeremy wrote this post don’t you? He was really just looking for an excuse to post Angry Cat pics to our blog.

  14. Excellent post Jeremy! It’s #1 for me. I have to laugh at myself sometimes…. I’ll tweek and tweek and tweek some more. But I’m getting better at just putting stuff out there. I just keep asking myself… will my audience get anything out of this? and if the answer is yes, then out it goes. I’ve also realized that I can’t make it ‘perfect’ for everyone and there are things I just won’t think of, that my audience will let me know they need.

    • Yeah, give as much value as possible in the time you’ve given, that is the key. I think people will see how much you care with your point of view and Single Motivating Purpose!

  15. Listened to the “audioblog” this morning on my walk to work. I loved it. One of the best pieces of content I’ve seen come from you guys. I think Jeremy did a great job on this.

    From my own experience, I had and still have lots of fear about my brand. The blogging part is pretty easy – but I have often felt like a “fake”. I tackle that with authenticity — and people just love it. I’m so glad I took the leap with my internet business.

    So damn rewarding. Thanks you guys.

  16. Hi Guys

    Love the podcasts. Were the two foulups in editing the fear podcast deliberate by your editor, just to emphasise how good all his other editing is?

    1. Exactly at the point you said you had zero editing complaints
    2. Last few seconds cut off


    • Glad you enjoy the audio~

      I re-listened to each version we have out. The streaming, downloadable, and the audio in the iTunes feed and I didn’t hear any audio glitches during my talk about the editor and the end doesn’t cut off in any of the versions… We are having some popping glitches in the streaming and are working on fixing that, but even that didn’t cut off. I wonder if it’s something on your end… Let me know, I’d love to make sure others are not having an issue as well!

      • Hi Jeremy

        Your audio is the best on any podcast I listen to and I am impressed that you even want to go back and double check some tiny issue – even if it might only be on my device.

        I have re-recorded the 10 second duplicate content at 5:07 and the last 10 seconds of the podcast when it ends abruptly. If you send me an email I can mail it to you.

        I use the ‘casts’ app on an iPhone 4S – if it helps you identify the issue. If it is just a glitch in my download then it is obviously not an issue.

        If it is a glitch on all iTunes versions of the podcast, it is still not a big deal – just a really funny co-incidence given what you were talking about.


        • Here is my email: jeremy [at] internetbusinessmastery.com

          I’m now assuming that it’s a glitch with something you’re using, as I’ve had my team listen and no one had the same issues. I really appreciate you letting me know, so I can make sure to keep the quality high!

  17. Fantastic blog! I have been “toying” with the idea of an Internet based business since 2008. I really resonated with the 5 fears. Sheesh…. I coulda been a contender!

  18. Clifford Pusey says:

    I said to myself that I wouldn’t reply to any blog post from your guys site until I had my or a website set-up. Well, I still don’t have site, but I couldn’t resist to make a comment.

    All the 5 fears in your audioblog seem to be my fears. The post really resonated with me and have to say Jeremy, I love the words of wisdom your Grandmom laid on you when you were young. Sounds something like what my Mom would say to me, “If they don’t do, you do”.

    • Thanks and I’m glad you decided to comment!

      Yeah, my Grandma had a lot of good words of wisdom that were very helpful and really shaped who I am! Sounds like you were lucky enough to have someone like that too, congrats!

      Good luck with your site, hopefully can just focus on the creating value part of the game rather then submitting to the fears!

    • “but I couldn’t resist to make a comment.”

      Awesome. What a great compliment to the content. Thank you!

  19. Hey guys :)

    I have been listening to your podcasts for a while.

    Yes, I’m one of the guys that say: audio is what I prefer :)

    About the new idea – I think it is excellent, and you have opened doors to a new trend in the industry.. really, guys.

    I hate reading long articles, like this one. Another things I hate are – stock images, too much text, changes in styles (bold, underlined, capital letters, quotations and other animals) and the list goes on..

    You audio blog causes broad spectrum of emotions:
    1) intro>> I loved the idea;
    2) 1st 5 minutes>> I hated the feeling that the person on the other side reads all the stuff from a well prepared text written on the paper;
    3) after first 5 minutes>> you get used to the fact that everything is being read from the piece of paper and understand that there is no way how to fight it :) … and.. you just give up fighting back and start reading..

    Well, this is the 1st podcast (I know – you call it an audioblog) I have listened 3 times within 2 days (twice on my iphone while walking and once on my pc)!!!

    An advice – do not create a separate audio blog – run these audio blogs along with your podcasts.

    Well, thank you!!

    You guys are one of my favorite podcasts as I really enjoy your educated language, human side (Pat Flynn is too much in it), content, advices and supreme sound quality :)

    Greetings from the other side of the pond,
    Helmuts Meskonis
    Outlived Classifieds
    Media Tower Limited

    p.s. I’m off to itunes in order to rate your podcast… finally ;)

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to break it down for us! Jason and I just talked about wondering how long it will take for everyone else to start doing an audio version of the blog, T-minus 10 minutes and counting…

      I felt strange reading the post at first, since our style is more off the cuff. I read it a couple times to get more comfortable with it and then I started having fun by adding more emotion and really getting into it. I image that in a year they will sound more comfortable and clearly more our personality. Let’s hope…

      I’m more of a listener too. I wish all the blogs I read would do an audio version as I’d be consuming more of their content! As of now, I tag a bunch of things I want to read. About once or twice a month I look through all the stuff I tag and realize it’s far to much and I start cutting a bunch of it. Then, I put all the posts I’ve still decided I want to read into a word doc and it usually ends up like 80 pages!!! I then cut more and print 60 pages and sit down with a highlighter and start reading. I’m much rather have all the posts on audio and taking them for a walk, listening at double speed! Sadly, that’s not how it is. I hope we inspire others to do it for the audio crowd!

      We plan on keeping the AUDIOblog in the main podcast feed, so there will not be another feed to subscribe to. We’ll just label them differently is all, so it’s clear which is a blog post and which is a normal episode.

      Thanks again!

    • Helmuts,

      Thank you for this very helpful feedback. Getting a breakdown of your reactions to the content is extremely insightful.

      Reading the post helps keep it concise. Scripted content is not something we have really done a lot of in the past. So it may take a few to get more “natural” with it. In the end, I guess you can think of it like listening to an audiobook.

      And no matter what, on the podcast episodes you’ll always get our usual “off the cuff” style.

  20. Hey Guys,

    First, I want to thank you guys for the IBMA and all of the great podcasts. Your course gave me the guidance I needed to get my handyman business blog up and running, and your podcasts gave me the motivation to keep going.

    I just released my first ebook and so far it has been very well received.

    As far as the new audio-blog goes, I have some thoughts.

    I really like the idea of the audio-blog because I wouldn’t even consider reading that long of a post. I think it’s a great way to improve the reach of your actual blog because I normally only listen to your podcasts.

    However, I was REALLY turned off by the intro music. It sounded “cheesy” to me and brought down the level of authority your typical podcasts brings.

    One thing that I love about your podcasts are that you are just two real guys talking and offering genuinely good advice. Jeremy didn’t sound as natural as he normally does on this one but I think that is something that will improve over time.

    Great idea and keep it up! Just please drop the intro music.

    • Congrats on your first e-book!

      It’s kinda funny to me that we are known because of our podcast but we didn’t have an AUDIOblog until now. Most people clearly want to consumer our info via audio. We’ve talked about it for several year, but it was finally TIME!

      Funny about the music, we had a bit of a discussion about that beforehand with Jason thinking maybe he was just being a music snob and the music wasn’t so bad. I think it works perfectly for a more fun, uplifting sort of post. I don’t think it’s cheesy at all, or is just the right amount, then Jason reminds me that I have no musical issue with Nicklelback, so I might not be the best judge of music. Who knows. We’ll keep your advice as one mark against it and in Jason’s camp!

      Yeah, there is no way getting around sound like we are reading, since we are, but hopefully it will get more and more comfortable and natural as we progress!

      Thanks for the comment and advice!

  21. Hi Guys,

    The audioblog is a great idea and I really enjoyed your message about facing your fears. It definitely hit home.

    Usually, I don’t have time to read blogs but I do listen to podcasts every day while driving.

    I think your personality is what makes the audioblog work. It’s the same reason that your podcasts stand out – genuine, helpful and enthusiastic!

    Well done!

    • Thank you Neil. It’s really nice to have the feedback to know when we are on the right track of not only being true to us, but doing it in a way that our audience finds helpful and compelling.

  22. Really liked the audio blog post idea (and the post itself). I simply don’t have enough time to read most stuff, but I easily listen to 6-8 hours (at 2x) of podcast audio a day while I’m driving and doing other things. As simple as this is, I see this as a game changer in expanding your reach through repackaging.

    • I totally agree. We are literally doing what I wish others would do FOR ME. There are a lot of blogs I’d read if they recorded them! I keep wondering and hoping this idea with spread like wildfire through the blogging world. That way, I’ll finally stay up to date with all my favorite blogs!

  23. Excellent you guys. Seriously. Way to “zag.” I love love love the audio blogs. I miss a lot by not having time to read, but I walk or run nearly everyday. Now I extend my exercise with the audio blogs. Thank you for this!

    • Nice! Internet Business Mastery: Extend Your Workout.

    • It seems totally obvious that a site based on a podcast should have an AUDIOblog… I’m glad we finally did it! Now, we just need to make all my favorite blogs follow the trend, since I too have more time with audio then reading!

  24. Wow, what a great article. I struggle with trying to make every post perfect, so this was really helpful. Thanks!

  25. Paulo Moniz says:

    Great article. I really absorbed it better by listening to it while reading at the same time. My fear is trying to make things perfect which takes me forever to get things started. Also the constant feeling that I need to learn more in order to be an expert at my topic.

    • Paulo,

      I struggle with perfectionism as well. It’s something I have to be continually aware of. Listen to the interview we did recently with James Clear about habits and consistent action. It will give you some helpful insights.

  26. Soorena says:

    I really appreciate the perspective of focusing on creating value over trying to make it ‘perfect’ out of fear – that one really applies to me (the other fears do as we’ll, but that one the most). Thanks for the article, I’ll definitely be back for more :-)

  27. So I enjoyed this post; you sound sincere and that is refreshing . I did walk away from a tenured faculty position because I was at the top of the pay scale and had been there for 16 years (1/2 my career) but would not have a way to continue forward financially for another 16? No thanks. So I threw myself in the fire to live on my savings like the other comment. And I did run through them and have not been able to break through. I am familiar with all of these fears, but my bighest fear/obstacle is due to my desperarion to begin to bring in am income has me splitting my focus 8 different ways! I can’t get anything actually to a finished state because trying to do too many things at the same time! I don’t fear quitting because I’d almost rather be poor than someone else’s slave when I can reach the people I want to serve directly. But I have too many strategies in attempting and too many niches, and I get paralyzed because I’m trying to figure out which one will monetize first to focus on ! What’s your advice for conquering this fragmented (thus inefficient) approach that is rooted in financial necessity?

  28. Christina says:

    I’m currently reading Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. Trust-Based Marketing. Unlike some of these other IM yahoos who will be long gone in a few years, you two are in it for the long haul. Every time I read someone else’s IM tips and tricks I always come back to Internet Business Mastery. Why? Because I trust you two. Articles like this just keeps reinforcing my trust.

  29. Sofia Europe says:

    Great post! Congrats!
    I have all these fears. But most dominant is the fear of exposing my work to the public, that is exposing my ideas, thoughts, points of view to people I don’t know. This happens because I’m afraid of what the others (strangers or friends and family) will think of me, whether they will like and approve of what I do or think that I’m doing something stupid.
    I know I shouldn’t care, and do what I want to do, but still I struggle to take action and rebuild my blog, retarget my audience and build a personal brand. What I want to do is change the niche I’m in, write in a different style, and create my own products but I’m afraid that people will judge me negatively.
    I have taken the first steps, which are: think of how my website will look and be structured so that it converts, write some blog posts (offline) and start writing my first ebook.
    Now, I have a difficulty in taking the next step, which is actually rebuild my platform and publish my material. I have negative thoughts, and am losing my belief in what I want to do. I think of changing my writing style and even niche and general business direction, so that it may be more acceptable by others. I know these are MY fears, it doesn’t mean that people will actually think of me the way I expect them to think. But still fear dominates.
    I hope what I write makes sense, because English is not my mother tongue and because it is difficult to clearly express my fears.
    I would appreciate any thoughts and tips from you, Jeremy and Jason, who, by the way, are doing a uniquely excellent job, and your awesome blog readers. Thank you.

  30. Hi Sofia,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    It’s very normal to struggle with wondering what people will think of your work. We had similar doubts when starting Internet Business Mastery.

    “Why should anyone listen to us when there are entrepreneurs out there making far more money than we are? And they have red Ferraris!”

    But if we had given into that voice, it would have made a big different to all the people that LOVE what we do.

    Yes, we get emails weekly telling us what we are doing wrong. But we get messages daily telling us how we changed a life.

    You have value to offer the world. Who is out there waiting to send you a heartfelt email about how you changed their life?

    Here is a quote I love from Bill Cosby:

    “I don’t know the secret to success, but the secret to failure is to try and please everyone.”

    Getting criticism is a good thing. It means you are sharing your voice in a meaningful way. If you never get criticism, it means you are not trying hard enough. It means your impact on the world will be greatly minimized.

    Surround yourself with a group of people who believe in you and your message.

    And finally remember this…

    When someone emails you with “criticism,” their words say a lot more about themselves then they say about you.

    Share your voice. Inspire the world to action!

  31. I personally never had a problem with publishing a piece of my mind but I’ve definitely suffered from a bout of perfectionism.

    Great article and I think I have an idea on what the key component is in countering the fears. Haven’t read it yet (not sure if it’s out), checking now. :)

  32. Hey Jeremy, get outa my head! ;) That could just have easily been written by me towards the beginning. I suffer from 1 and to a lesser extent 2 and previously 3, 4 and 5. Those are definitely some key factors to overcome.

    It’s funny, I recall career counselors back in the day saying that in answer to the question, “what is one of your greatest weaknesses?” you should answer with something like “I’m a perfectionist”.

    At the time it seemed like a safe, harmless thing, but when creating your own content and putting yourself out there, it really can be a huge hindrance if you don’t keep it in check.

    I’m still working on that on a weekly basis. I like the suggestion to set a time limit and that is something I will try for my next blog post. Thanks for sharing!

    • You are so welcome! I also hear people say their weakness was perfectionism and I said it from time to time as well. I thought it was true until I met some REAL perfectionists! Progress, not perfection!

  33. Okay, you nailed it with me. I believe that fear is the culprit that has kept me from getting something going on the Internet before now. Fear of my blog content not being good enough. (too much, not specific enough, boring). I am learning a lot from the Academy and I thank you for the great training. You keep on bringing it and I thank you. This was good for me. I am just now working on getting my first blog up. I won’t quit even if this niche doesn’t work.