3 Things I Used to Break the Chains of Self-Doubt


Yesterday I shared a story about stuff I’m struggling with and asked you to reply and share your biggest struggle.

When we sent the article to our email newsletter readers, it really struck a chord. Replies are still pouring in.

I’m still replying to everyone a week later. But I love it because your emails are so compelling!

Thank you for sharing your desires and struggles. As we read the replies, we noticed something really interesting.

But first, I promised to share three things that brought me incredible results with my biggest struggles.

For the first time ever, I’ve stuck to a daily habit that I’ve tried to form for years.

I’ve known for a long time that this habit would boost my income and amplify my impact.

Despite this, I’ve always hit a block and given up.

I’m talking about my goal to write daily.

The habit has finally stuck for a month (and counting) thanks to three things.

Success Trigger #1

I told as many trusted friends as I could that I was writing daily (before I had even started).

I didn’t say I was thinking about.

I didn’t say I was planning on it.

I didn’t say “we’ll see how it goes.”

I spoke as if it was already true.

The first time I told someone, I about vomited. It scared the crap out of me.

The second time, the pang of fear was slightly less.

The 20th time, I started to believe it. By the 30th time, I‘d started writing daily.

Have you ever said something like:

“I’m an aspiring entrepreneur/author/writer/etc”

No more. For now on, speak like it is already true.

Say it now: I am an entrepreneur!

If you want to, type it in the comments below now.

Success Trigger #1

Make a commitment. Speak AS IF you already are the thing you want to become. Tell as many people as you can.

Success Trigger #2

Be very careful about who you share your dreams with.

This is VERY important.

I only shared my goal with people that:

  1. Wanted the best for me AND
  2. Would take the time to understand my needs and desires

How many times has someone criticized your dream, then tried to lessen the blow by saying:

  • “I’m just looking out for your best interests” OR
  • “I just want you to be happy”

And so you take their opinion as truth. You let it erode your dreams.

Next time someone shares their “precious” (usually unsolicited) advice about your future ask yourself this.

Have they taken the time to understand what you need, why you need it and why you desire to follow this path?

If not, then their advice is about them NOT you.

When I was an engineer, I used to sit in the cafeteria reading entrepreneur magazine.

My co-workers would say things like: “Don’t you know 9 out of 10 businesses fail?”

Really they were making excuses for ignoring their own dreams.

Their discouragement was about them, not me.

Success Trigger #2

Protect your dreams! Filter out discouragement. Surround yourself with people just like you that are working on the same things as you.

Success Trigger #3

I made myself accountable.

I joined a mastermind that met regularly to check in on goals.

A study about the effectiveness of business coaching shows that weekly accountability increases your chances of reaching your goal from 43% t.o 76%.

Stack this with other success triggers like the ones above and your chances of success more than double

Success Trigger #3

Be accountable to others.Find a partner or mastermind who are like you and working on similar goals.

The Missing (Most Important) Trigger

Apply just one of the success triggers above and I guarantee you will feel a difference in a matter of a couple days, if not right away.

If you have ever felt alone in your struggles, just wait until you see tomorrow’s post.

Also, I left one success trigger out. Perhaps the most important one. More on that tomorrow.

And, I need to share with you the eye-opening responses sent in by you and others like you.

Before tomorrow, take action.

  1. Email a trusted friend. Tell them what you are going to do this week to move closer to your dream.
  2. Speak as if you are already the person you want to be.
  3. Ask them to follow up and hold you accountable, one week from today.
  4. Once you’ve done that, comment below and let us know how you feel.

Tomorrow we’ll dissolve your struggles even more.



  1. Jason, thanks so so much. Upfront, honest advice that inspires me to keep striving, keep daring, and keep taking Action (as you encourage on IBM). I especially like the ‘Speak as if it’s true’. That’s critical.

  2. Wow. This post really hit home for me. These things seem so simple and obvious, yet I haven’t done them before. It is scary telling someone our goals, isn’t it? Time today get over the fear and go for it. Thanks, Jason!