340 | How to Navigate Uncertainty and Master Change with Jenny Blake


Business (and life) are full of change and uncertainty. One of the most important things you can do to feed your success and growth is to get really good at navigating inevitable change. Thankfully, Jenny Blake has written a definitive playbook on how to do exactly that. In this episode, we discuss her new book and the five steps that she has identified for mastering change.

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In This Episode

  • How to identify and choose your greatest opportunities when figuring out your next move
  • The critical first steps when launching a new idea or venture
  • A proven framework for navigating inevitable change in business and life

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brandy-butlerI remember Jeremy and Jason saying in an episode that live events were game changers for them and really boosted them to the next level. Well this year that has really proved to be the case.
At the beginning of the month I attended the Podcast Movement conference #PM16 in Chicago. I was very fortunate to also have academy member Kingsley Grant attend with me. Kingsley and I met through the Academy and then in person at last year’s Podcast Movement #PM15.
Brainstorming with Kingsley is a real kick. Together we decided to create a new podcast together by the Friday following the conference. I had done this process last August and launched a Podcast by the Friday following the conference. I was able to hit #2 in New & Noteworthy in iTunes for Technology podcasts. So what better name for our new Podcast then Podcast By Friday?
The goal of the Podcast By Friday Show is to help people create their Minimal Viable Podcast by taking bold action to defeat procrastination and get their voices heard.
So far we have 3 episode out and plan to walk people through the processes we used and will use.
Thank you Jeremy Frandsen and Jason Van Orden for putting together this great community and encouraging us to form accountability partnerships. I would not have met Kingsley if it were not for the academy and I would not have gone to a live event without your encouragement and great advice.
If you would like to check out an episode you can find it at http://www.spreaker.com/show/podcast-by-friday.
-Bill Griggs