3 Easy Steps to Become Mobile Friendly

guestpost16apr2013-250x167As purpose based business owners it’s our mission to connect with our ideal audience and help them in their own journey.

Each of us will affect people in our own way and it’s just one method we’ll make our mark on the world.

No matter your passion…no matter your purpose…we all look to affect as many individuals as possible, because helping others is a key part of our single motivating purpose.

Let me ask you a question…

As a purpose-based business owner, do you want to build a business while adding value to many lives?

If you answered yes, you need to consider, not only the different ways people choose to learn but the best ways to reach your largest possible audience.

Well, you may have noticed, your audience is very connected to their mobile phone.  In fact, I recently shared 5 ways they are begging you to go mobile.

You can learn more about that at www.internetbusinessmastery.com/whymobile

More and more we consume our favorite blogs, podcasts and news sources from our mobile device…it’s become the easiest and most convenient way for us to consume content.

If you’d like to set your business up for success, you’ll want to understand the best way to connect with your audience on their mobile phone. 

Before we get to the 3 foundational elements of your mobile success, I want you to understand that mobility is a mindset. 

As you grow your business and create content, whether that’s editorial, video or audio…the simple consideration of those reading from a mobile device will dramatically improve how you create content and how they respond to it.

Yet, for some reason, this idea of mobile marketing scares a lot of people…

“It sounds expensive”

“I don’t really understand mobile”

“Isn’t it just one more thing I need to think about?”

I’ll tell you…I’ve heard it all and I’m not sure why mobile is viewed differently than the other things you have to consider in your purposed based business BUT there are some key foundations you should have in place before anything else.

Here are your first 3 mobile to-do items to set the foundation: 

1. Create a mobile-friendly website.

As you’ve learned with Jeremy and Jason, your website is your home base. Everything you do should be driving your audience back to your site. Whether it’s your podcast, YouTube videos, Pinterest…you name it…your website is your home.

With most of your audience connecting with you from their mobile device, whether it’s via email, search, YouTube, Facebook or any other social network, you won’t survive long if they can’t do so easily from their phone.

If your situation permits, I highly suggest you leverage a responsive wordperss theme. This means that your site will respond to whichever device is accessing it to give the viewer the most optimized experience.

Since most of us are on a budget I recommend you leverage a responsive wordpress theme that already exists.

This means you’ll give your audience the best possible experience as fast as possible…

If you just finished your site and it’s not mobile-friendly you have a few options. 

  • Use a free mobile wordpress plugin such as WP Touch to mobilize just your blog. Note: This really only makes your blog mobile friendly BUT it’s free and a start if you have to go this route. 
  • Create a separate mobile site focused on how your audience might connect from a mobile phone. There are services such as Duda Mobile or Bluetrain Mobile that can help you build a separate mobile site.
  • Find a developer that can make your current site responsive. There are plenty of services out there that can do this for a reasonable price and you can probably find someone on odesk.com

You can also try bartering one of your own services or products with a designer.

As you go out promoting your business, connecting with new and potential customers all over the internet, you’ll find more and more people connecting with you on their mobile phone.

Having a mobile-friendly site is the core of your mobile success so if you only do one thing…start there.

Your goal here is to allow your audience to access and navigate through all of your amazing content from a mobile device.

2. Send mobile-friendly email

With about 41% of emails being opened from a phone you can’t take email lightly.

You already know this because odds are…you’re just like me and delete a ton of emails from your phone, first thing in the morning…most likely before you’ve ever got out of bed.

As online business builders we’re often advised to grow our email list.

Well, if you have an email list of 10,000 people and at least 4,000 of them are opening your email from their phone do you think you think your odds of conversion will go up or down?

If you haven’t done anything to make your email mobile-friendly, I’ll bet it’s going down.

Why not focus on enabling those 4,000 to open your email and engage before worrying about the next 10,000? You have people that have already expressed interest in what you offer. Don’t neglect them.

With the number of email opens from mobile only rising, the size of your list will be less and less important.

The number of subscribers reading from their mobile device will be more valuable number.

I recently shared a podcast discussing 9 tips for making your email mobile-friendly which you can listen to here.

You’re most likely using Aweber, Mailchimp, Constant Contact or Campaign Monitor and many of these tools offer some sort of mobile optimized solution so explore your options there.

Regardless of your email tool, my podcast episode shares a few tricks that work no matter what email service provider you have.

With “the money being in the list”, you should focus your efforts on mobilizing your email as best you can to capitalize on the audience you already have.

3. Send traffic to mobile-optimized landing pages

At some point in your purpose based business you’d like to make money right?

If so, a key component to your success is going to be landing pages.

These are pages that aim to make your reader take action.

That action could be signing up for an email list or buying a product.

Either way you need to do your best to convince the reader to take the action you want…

Well, if they are coming from their phone, you have less of their attention and less time. Mobile may be a reason to stay away from long form sales pages but that’s something you’ll have to experiment as some sales pages are far better than others.

The key thing to remember is that your email, your social engagement, your videos and even your podcast should be driving your audience to landing pages in order to create a conversion.

In today’s world it’s more likely they’ll be accessing your landing page from a mobile device. Your analytics will tell a clearer story but I think you see where I’m going.

Much of our business relies on landing pages to get a reader to buy a product or service we offer. Knowing that the reader is most likely using one eye and one thumb to scroll through your offering, you’ll want to deliver that call-to-action as early and clearly as possible. 

Since we aim to make our purpose based business full-time (if its not already), we’ll be diving into the keys of successful mobile landing pages that convert in the next post of this series.


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  1. I totally agree with your points!
    What do you think about mobile advertising (e.g. Adsense)?
    For me it seems very user-unfriendly, when I’m displaying my ads mobile because of the small screen size. Do you know any WordPress plugins for this purpose?

    Best regards,

  2. Greg,

    I’m going to enjoy having you a regular contributor to the IBM site! I am currently involved in resurrecting an old blog and one of the to dos for it is making it mobile friendly. I’m currently using the wptouch plugin but it doesn’t work reliably with my current theme. I’m planning on converting to a mobile-friendly theme as you mentioned in the audioblog last week. I hope that takes care of that until I’m ready to set up a separate site.

    Thanks for your help!


    • Jeff,

      Where are you going to get a mobile theme? Is there a particular provider that you like?

      • Hi Jason,

        I’m probably going to spend some time in the mobile friendly resources Greg put in the IBM 189 podcast. I’ll also check out his 3 simple ways to to mobile on a budget for additional ideas.

        I hope that themes have come a long way since I first started shopping for them years ago. It seemed no matter which you used you had to be prepared to do some coding or fixing.

        I would welcome any suggestions. I know you guys are now looking to switch over but I think you may have a little more support than I do-LOL!


        • Hey Jeff, glad you’re digging the content Ive shared here with the IBM community. It has been an honor working with Jason and Jeremy.

          There are plenty of great themes out there to get started.

          If you don’t like what you see at StudioPress check out ThemeForest (make sure it’s responsive), Thesis (you’ll have to do some customization) and even WooThemes (again make sure it’s responsive).

          Let me know if you need help selecting a theme that’s right for your content/mission.

  3. Thanks Jan.

    Have you looked at this?


    Google made an acquisition a while back that should help with this.

    Let me know if this is what you’re looking for.

  4. Lyndsey Miles says:

    Hi Jeremy and Jason,

    Really excited to have found your content – great stuff. I have one suggestion for you guys, though, on the topic of mobile. I’ve just sat down with my iPad to sign up at freevideogift.com and was looking forward to watching the video, or even better having the audio playing while I did some housework. But, aargh! I need flash player which is incompatible with iPad. So now I have to go and sit at my laptop :-( . I’ve heard you guys say it’s a great idea to let your audience consume how they wish – so how about an mp3 audio version or YouTube hosted video which us Apple guys can watch.

    • YES! That is on our list of stuff to upgrade! Thanks to Greg for letting us know, sadly there is a huge list of stuff to upgrade, so just know I hear you and I will get that taken care of as soon as we can! I hope you were still able to watch and get value. Soon it will be in the media type of your choice!

    • Hey Lyndsey,

      That’s a great catch and like Jeremy mentioned they are working on mobilizing that page.

      But I’m glad you called this out for the other readers here at IBM. iOS is not a fan of flash as you may have possibly heard and unfortunately found out. ;)

      This could be a fairly quick hit or low hanging fruit for those looking to make their site mobile friendly and using a bunch of flash.

      Thanks Lyndsey!

  5. Hey Greg,

    I’ll work through the resources you’ve provided here and on the audioblog which I think are the same.

    Thanks for your offer. I will definitely let you know if I need more help.

    Do you have a hands-down favorite from each of the collections you mentioned?


    • I’m a huge fan of StudioPress to be honest. There are less options to choose from but the themes perform really well and they are made available from the team at Copyblogger and they are proven content marketers.

      • Thanks, Greg. I’ll start with them.


      • Hey Greg,

        I’m using the WPTouch plugin until I can pick the theme I want to use.

        Have you heard of the JetPack plugin from the WP people that has a ton of features with it? I’m using it on all of my sites and one part of it is a mobile friendly theme. Wondered if you or anybody has used it?

        WPTouch displays fine on my iPhone but could include more of the page elements for mobile users.

        Also, I wanted to say that because of this series I did go look at the mobile numbers from my sites and found one that had over 50% of users on a non-technical site. Thanks for the tip guys!




        • Hey Jeff,

          I’ve seen some people just relying on that. I have it activated myself but ultimately having the responsive theme in place is your best bet for consistent look and feel across your entire site.

          If you want to run any specific themes by me with questions let me know.


  6. I completely agree with those points, I have myself forgot to send people to mobile optimized landing pages before.

    I think this is slowly becoming a must for anyone as more and more people, like you said use mobiles for email and web browsing. Personally, I just use mine to check emails when I’m out of the office.

    Thanks for the post its made me think of ways to better optimize my sites.


  7. Hey Greg,

    Do you mean WPTouch or the JetPack mobile thing?

    I’m sure the theme is the best way to get a consistent feel throughout the site.

    I’ll definitely message you again when I get close to a theme.

    Thanks for the offer!


  8. I’m happy to see more and more people encouraging businesses to be mobile friendly. I use my smart phone alot to browse the web and look up local businesses, and it’s so frustrating when their websites barely work on my phone.