2 Ways to Escape the Overnight Success Trap


In my last post, This Trap Can Steal Your Success, I talked about a very common and dangerous trap I see our students fall into everyday while building a Internet Business. I’m now going to give you a couple tools to escape and even avoid the Overnight Success Trap.

In a time that is blessed with instant, fast, and easy,  it’s no wonder this trap is prevalent and insidious.

We are used to getting so many things the moment we have a desire for it, we think EVERYTHING should be this way.

  • You want to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones, but missed it when it was scheduled to be on?

 -No problem, you can click a button and be watching it instantly.

  • You want some food?

 -Go online and order it, it’ll be here fast!

-With a couple click on the mouse, you can have a shiny, new wordpress blog.

This is a fantastic world we live in when we can get so many of our desires and needs filled instantly.

Unfortunately, it has damaged many of our mindsets when it comes to success, because success in business isn’t instant.

There are 2 ways to fix your mindset in order to climb out of the Overnight Success Trap and make sure we are set and ready for the long journey of success.


‘Until’ is like a perfect ladder to get you out of this trap no matter when you fall in.  It’s a magic word really, when I started using it, it changed my mind and my outlook.  ‘Until’ allowed me the time needed to make a multi-million dollar business, long past the frustrations and challenges that would have forced me to quit.

Okay, here is how I used this magic word.

When I left my cubicle office for good and was walking out the door, I said:

“I’m not going to stop UNTIL I get the final success I desire”

I gave it no QUIT date.

I decided to keep going UNTIL I succeeded, no matter what.  I didn’t care if I was an overnight success, I just wanted to succeed one day,  ANY day.  I wanted to find my place in the world and flourish in it.  It didn’t have to be quickly, it just had to happen.

The RIGHT Success

You want success now, right?

Look, we all do, but we don’t have to let that get in our way.

We just need to reframe what success means.

Most of us Freedom Business Builders make it mean that you earn enough money each month so that you can quit your nightmarish 9-5 job. I’m here to tell you that making that goal the only way to have success will destroy your business and plant you firmly into the overnight success trap.

Now, after being clear on that I’m also going to say that you can have overnight success…

…if your change the meaning.

You CAN change the meaning, it’s okay, it’s allowed.  After all, you made success mean you need to replace your current income, so you can swap that up right now.

It’s time to embrace Every Step Success.

Every Step Success means that you count every single action you take towards the building and success of your Freedom Business.

Yep, every single one!

It seems so easy, but actually it’s not.  Not at all….

We want grand, sweeping, massive goal fulfillment and we want it RIGHT NOW.  It has to be the biggest or best for us to feel like we win.

Stop it.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have grand, massive goals, we just need to make it easier to succeed and ONLY having those kind of goals can get in the way!

Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Realizing that having the desire to success AND choosing to take action is an every step success.  Most people don’t even have the desire, let alone the strength to take action towards fulfilling that desire.  Every day you take action is an Every Step Success.
  • Finding your Single Motivating Purpose and living AND expressing it everyday is an Every Step Success.
  • Everyday you stick with one mentor and one program and stay away from the shiny and new is an Every Step Success.
  • The day you find your audience and market you’ll create value for is an Every Step Success.
  • The 1st, 10th, 100th, etc Twitter follower you get is an Every Step Success.
  • Deciding what your website URL is going to be is is an Every Step Success.
  • The first DOLLAR you make is Every Step Success.
  • …and on and on.

The idea is simply to make it as easy to succeed as possible, until you get to your final, massive success goal.  Every action you take towards your end goal can be a success, it’s totally up to make it mean that!

What is the next Every Step Success in your Freedom Business Journey?

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  1. Ari Vik says:

    It’s so easy to forget that it’s all about the journey. Such a simple concept, but I have to keep reminding myself all the time.

    My next steps:
    – scheduling time to work on my freedom business every day
    – saying ‘no’ to projects or tasks that are:
    – not important
    – drain my energy
    – not aligned with my strengths
    – finding my Single Motivating Purpose

    “The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones” – Chinese proverb

  2. Great audioblog guys. It is an easy trap to fall in to when the so called ‘next big thing’ (or new shiny object as I like to call it) is constantly pushed in front of in the IM space.