IBM 15 | THE Best Thing to Sell Online Part 2

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On this episode of Internet Business Mastery we continue our discussion about information products and why they should be part of your Internet marketing and if not THE focus of your Internet business. We look at the pros and cons of digital and physical information products.

You can find a list of example information products here.

Also, Jay reveals the specifics of his new time management system that has greatly increased his productivity, helped him manage several Internet business projects and kept him focused on his priorities as an entrepreneur.

Here’s the time management software that Jay uses (Mac only)

Here’s a similar software for the PC

Finally, we talk about making decisions and taking action quickly as we share our stories of how we got into marketing information products on the Internet.

In the show we mention the first course/seminar that we both studied on Internet and information marketing:

Ron Legrand’s Information Marketing Boot Camp (click here to search of it on ebay)

It can be found for incredibly cheap and is packed with value. Last time we looked on ebay, the price was surprisingly low.

We’ve posted a new index of recommended Internet business resources. These are the products and
services that we use on a regular basis to build our own businesses.


  1. Hi Jay & Stirling

    I continue to be very impressed with your show.
    I particularly like the different way your approach the business and life side of online marketing.

    Best regards


  2. Here is an excerpt of what I wrote about the podcast,

    If it had not been for Episode 10 from the Internet Business Mastery podcast, I would have never had such a strong desire to leave my job, and establish my own way of living. I pray that God bless them for that episode…

    Read more at the website

  3. John,

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog entry. I’m very excited for you. You are to be commended for making commitments to yourself about what you really want in life.

    Best of luck in your endeavours. I hope the show continues to provide you support in your journey.


  4. Hi Guys,
    I’m mainly running ‘services’ through my online business…but, your podcast has opened my eyes to the real possibilities of the internet and I have already begun to branch out into other areas of internet sales.

    I’d be interested to see some sort of statistics on free information products as a form of promotion Vs. other more traditional forms of promotion.
    if not something as specific as stats, perhaps your view on the topic.

    Also, can you point me towards the uses and or benefits of compiling an email database or is it simply for newsletter type bulk emailing.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  5. can you point me towards the uses and or benefits of compiling an email database or is it simply for newsletter type bulk emailing.


    In Internet business (and really any business in my opinion), the real equity is in your list. It’s in the ability to have an ongoing relationship with customers who continue to buy from you. They have a lifetime value to your business.

    My businesses are setup so that if tomorrow I lost everything but my list, I would be fine. I could start making money again right away. I would identify and fulfill a need of those on my list and keep making money.

    These are people that I have kept in contact with, given valuable info to and sold great products to. They look to me as a valuable source of what they need.

    This is the value in having a list. When I start a new site, the first thing I do is start collecting emails.

    Thanks for listening.


  6. Hi Jay
    I’m refering to email addresses received in exchange for free information products. How would you use this email address or are you simply using them as leads to sell for profit products in the same niché as the free one?

    Hope my question is a little more defined.

  7. Russ,

    I offer free information as an incentive for people opting in to my email list. This incentive could be an ebook, and audio download, a report or also something other than an information product. It just needs to have enough value for a prospect to part with their email to get it.

    This starts the business relationship and baby-steps them to the next step in becoming a regular customer. To answer your question, the goal is to sell them other products with increasingly higher prices.


  8. Thanks Jay,
    I thought this might be the case.
    Sounds good, as I assume it works quite well or you wouldn’t be doing it.
    I’d love to see some return on investment type stats, but this is probably asking
    too much. Thanks you again for your prompt reply and keep up the good work
    with the podcast, I’m looking forward to what you two have to say next.


  9. Russ,

    Return on investment is high considering that it’s very inexpensive to collect and send out email. Also, information products are inexpensive to produce and have a high profit margin.


  10. M. Bruce Abbott says:

    Hey guys,
    I’ve been checking out your podcast for awhile and love the info. I am struggling between using digital downloads or physical manuals. I have heard your pros and cons. If I go print, then I am trying to find the right fulfillment company to print and mail out a binder with manuals and 5-6 CD’s. I work at an audio production facility, so I can create KILLER audio on a great topic I know a lot about.
    I hesitate to move a $300 manual and audio to all digital download…I know you guys have just done it (at least up to episode #20 where I am at) :)

    Any feedback would be awesome.