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Your adventure begins today?

My life changed the day I watched the movie, the Matrix. I saw it in the theater back in 1999. In fact, I watched it twice in one day and another 3 times in the theater.

It seemed like they made the movie for me.

THIS is destroying your dream!

Not long ago I told you about the top level, secret mastermind group I made my way into with the guys that make the *real* money online. It's the group that took me years of doing business before I was finally invited in. I had to earn my way in, I couldn't just buy my way in.

Anyway, I want to share another another huge, body slamming, secret I got from that group that I think can help you.

The first big question you *must* answer…

I keep getting a bunch of questions and I'll answer them all. Here is a question I get quite a bit.

"What **type** of business does the Freedom Club teach?"

Fantastic question!

Reality is a bitter pill for some…

Boy, I'll tell you what...

Anytime I talk about what it takes to succeed, the whiny snowflakes come out to do their thing.

Here is an email I got yesterday that I'm going to use to help you with your mindset. As condescending and 'fixed' mindset as it is, I'm going to take a crack at it.

What a winner mindset looks like…

So, Freedom Club members have access to a private, 'for members only', Facebook Mastermind Group.

Lot's of great stuff going on in there.

I love seeing like minded people inspire, help, and give each other a kick in the buttocks.