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"It was you guys that helped give me my start."

It was you guys that helped give me my start. That's when things changed for me, when I could get direct access to you guys.

– Pat Flynn and

"Their Teachings and Motivation Were Instrumental in Helping Me Get Started"

Jeremy and Jason have been providing massive amounts of content, help, support and inspiration to thousands of online entrepreneurs around the world... for years - and I'm one of them. As someone who is an old-school type of business owner, their teachings and motivation were instrumental in helping me get started with business online. I've got a lot to thank them for.

- Chris Ducker

"Thankfully I Can Ask Jeremy and Jason Questions, They Have Been a Huge Help in my Success Online"

- Jaime Tardy

"I'm Always Happy to Encourage Others to Work with Jason"

Jason's counsel over the years has played a role in transitioning from the mindset of an employee to that of a business owner. I'm always happy to encourage others to work with Jason when it comes to learning how to make an online business work.

- Cliff Ravenscraft

"You guys were what got me started online"

- Brian Moran

"They showed me how it was done"

Over the course of a 6 month period, I listened to most of Jeremy and Jason's back catalog. I joined their membership. I met Jeremy in person and plied him for advice (thank you Jeremy!) Hell, I even moved to the Philippines because of one episode.

They inspired me to dream of travel and of online success. The proved to me that it was possible. They showed me how it was done— by picking up the mic and sharing your experiences. Or by opening up your laptop and creating new ones.

- Dan Andrews

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Here's What Students Have Said
about the New Academy

"Jeremy and Jason are DRIVEN to make you succeed..."

Jeremy and Jason are DRIVEN to make you succeed, they connect the dots better than anyone and love their students. If I had gone through any other competing course, I would not be where I am today.

– Chris Oatley

"You Are In Great Hands With Jason And Jeremy, I Continue To Coach With Them On A Weekly Basis."

- Greg Hickman
Denver, CO, Mobile Mixed Podcast

"A Few Months after That I Had Thousands
a Month Coming In"

- Shaun Noonan

"Jeremy and Jason are DRIVEN To Make You Succeed, They Connect the Dots Better than Anyone and Love their Students"

- Chris Oatley

"I Had a Five-Figure Launch Day"

- Ashish Goyal
Honolulu, HI

More Success Stories

"I've Made Thousands Of Dollars As A Result Of Being In This Academy..."

"I Felt In Love With The Lessons That Jeremy And Jason Teach..."

"These Guys Delivered Far More Than They Promised. Far More Than I Ever Thought Possible..."

I have read many books and have started several Internet businesses over the years. This course was accessible to beginners and provided tons of useful information for us seasoned entreprenuers as well. I took action after the very first lesson. These guys delivered far more than they promised. Far more than I ever thought possible. This course was my best business decision of the year, without question.

- Jerry Hobby
Houston, TX

"Jeremy and Jason are the Real Deal..."

Internet Business Mastery is the first place I go for real advice about making money online. In an industry filled with snake oil salesmen, Jeremy and Jason are the real deal. They speak from experience and know how to teach the skills necessary to make good money on the internet.

– Anna P.
Houston, TX

"There is No Spin ... just Pure Strategy & Substance!"

"There is no spin with these guys, just pure strategy & substance!"

– Darren Slaughter
Philadelphia, Pa

"I Found a Treasure in Jeremy and Jason..."

In my quest to gain information and knowledge about information marketing, I found a treasure in Jeremy and Jason.

– Michael Copeland

"Jeremy and Jason Make this... Information so Accessible..."

"I had tinkered with websites and learning the fundamentals of the Web 1.0 for several years before discovering Internet Business Mastery. I listened to all of their episodes while riding my bike and cutting my grass in the spring of 2007. By summer, I sold my proof of concept web site at the time to investors in California for $50,000. I was told later by the chief investor that it was my confidence and planning that made the sale! I was rattling off the tips and knowledge that I had just learned from the Internet Business Mastery podcast.

I wasn't pretending either. Jeremy and Jason make this mountain of information so accessible that I really did know what I was talking about - that's the best part. Now, I'm going solo, taking my time, and putting ALL of their tips to use in my new site It's an outstanding hobby for me and I offer true value to my subscribers. In fact, I'm at risk for overfilling my seminar scheduled in 2 days from now.

No doubt, I'll be recording the whole thing 3 different ways and put together my own premium content product of value exactly 1 year after discovering Internet Business Mastery. And I'm a resident physician. I'm not supposed to have time for this! Ha!!"

- Daniel Williams
Houston TX

"You Have Provided Me with Everything I Would Ever Need to Launch My New Company..."

I've been fortunate enough to work from home, but your podcast course and website has changed everything for me. You have provided me with everything I would ever need to launch my new company. My new business is the perfect parlait to what my current business does, but it removes me from the picture in a way that allows me to earn "passive income". Thank God I learned what "passive" income even was thanks to you guys. I am great at creating a "job" for myself, but thanks to Internet Business Mastery, I am 100% confident that I am on my way to living my dreams. I can't wait to share my story with you.

- Jon and Karen Cunningham
Woodstock, Ga.

"You Guys are Great! You Have No Idea the Impact You've Had on My Life..."

"You guys are great! You have no idea the impact you've had on my life. I am the owner of, a startup that I created after being involved with I have read tons of articles and listened to every podcast! You helped me become more business savvy. Now my biz is growing quickly."

- Mark Michuda

"What Both of You Have Done to Better Many People's Lives and the World Around You is Truly Commendable..."

Keep up the great work, I don't think you guys even realize how positive of an impact you have on countless numbers of people, what both of you have done to better many people's lives and the world around you is truly commendable.

- Mark M.
Allen, TX

"Without Your Step-By-Step Guide and Constant Over-Delivering of Information, I Would Never Have Been Able to Deliver the Finished Product in 8 Weeks."

Only because of your Podcast and Coachins course was I able to develop my first information product and membership site and potentially create a six-figure income this year from it. Without your step-by-step guide and constant over-delivering of information, I would never have been able to deliver the finished product in 8 weeks.

- Colin Slade
San Diego, CA

"They Have Shown Me the Proper Steps to Help Me Grow My Own Business into a Great Oak..."

Internet Business Mastery planted the seed of internet business success into my mindset They have shown me the proper steps to help me grow my own business into a great oak.

- Matthew Archambault
New York

"It has Turned My Ideas Into Reality..."

The Internet Business Mastery podcast has taken me from ZER0 to where I am now. It has turned my ideas into reality and changed the way I do business or even think about business online. From mindset to techniques, it's all here!

– Michael S. Copeland
Elgin, IL

"Jeremy and Jason stand out..."

Jeremy and Jason stand out from most of the other Internet Marketing "gurus" because they don't just seem interested in making a quick buck off of their subscribers. They aren't afraid to talk about their own personal successes and failures in a friendly and competent way...without all the fast talk and hard selling tactics the other guys use. This is what puts them head and shoulders above all the others.

– Taural
Stuttgart, Germany

"Thanks to Jeremy and Jason for Putting Together a Quality Program..."

Thanks to Jeremy and Jason for putting together a quality program with specific details of things I can work on and learn as I'm new to the internet marketing and need to learn how to make money from home using my computer.

– Monica
Honolulu, HI

"Their "No Bull" Style Along with Humor and Wit Allows Me to Absorb Their Knowledge with Ease..."

Listening to Jeremy and Jason on Internet Business Mastery has given me the tools to pursue my dreams! Their "no bull" style along with humor and wit allows me to absorb their knowledge with ease! Thanks guys and keep it coming!!!

– Mark Matasich
Pittsburgh, PA

"You Need to Tap Into Internet Business Mastery"

If you're looking for a way to make sense of all the internet noise. If you're looking for a common sense easy approach to doing business on the web, then you need to tap into Internet Business Mastery.

– Leo Jette
Madison, WI

"...Thanks in Large Part to Internet Business Mastery, I Had The Confidence to Found a Business Instead"

As an international technology communications specialist returning from maternity leave, I was looking for a job. Thanks in large part to Internet Business Mastery, I had the confidence to found a business instead.

– Ronna Porter
London, England

"Great course to get you on the road to the Internet Business you want."

Great course to get you on the road to the Internet Business you want.

- Ted Sudol
Ringwood, New Jersey

"The Internet Business Mastery Podcast has Given Me Lots of Confidence to Begin Building My Own Internet Business."

The Internet Business Mastery Podcast has given me lots of confidence to begin building my own Internet Business.

– Brandon Carpenter
Amarillo, Texas

" I love the Way They Explain Things About Having an Internet Business in a Very Easy to Understand and Practical Way."

I listen to Jeremy and Jason's Internet Business Mastery without fail - I love the way they explain things about having an internet business in a very easy to understand and practical way. They make listening fun as well as making sense and that's not easy! I'm only starting out with my internet business and I know I'll be using their tips and thoughts to make it a winner.

– Jan Delmas
Sydney, Australia

"Internet Business Mastery Helped Me Define a Niche Market and Start the Process to Bringing in Multiple Streams of Income."

Internet Business Mastery helped me define a niche market and start the process to bringing in multiple streams of income.

- Jay Martin
Louisville, Kentucky

"I Feel Like Someone is Finally Speaking My Language."

I feel like someone is finally speaking my language.

– Randy Solomon

"...It Keeps Guys Like Me in Check, Reminding Me to Never Throw in the Towel for Financial Freedom."

I want to thank you guys for doing what you're doing, please keep it up. It keeps guys like me in check, reminding me to never throw in the towel for financial freedom. It's out there, people have done it many times over.

– Stuart Krempin

"These Guys Get to the Point, Give You Great Real-World Info, Step-by-Step Tips and are Truly an Inspiration."

These guys get to the point, give you great real-world info, step-by-step tips and are truly an inspiration.

– Ethan K

"Jeremy and Jason have "Been There" and "Done That" and Their Advice is Always On-Point."

Jeremy and Jason have "been there" and "done that" and their advice is always on-point.

– Mike Collin

"Jeremy and Jason's Podcasts Motivated Me to Quit My Six Figure Job and Start My Own Internet Business!"

Jeremy and Jason's podcasts motivated me to quit my six figure job and start my own internet business!

– Vince Kisala
Chesterton, IN

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